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AmazingFoods Corporation offers 100% all-natural authentic virgin coconut oil; made from only quality hand-picked, fresh and mature Philippine coconuts. Our virgin coconut oil is cold-processed to allow the retention of natural anti-oxidants and preserve the distinct aroma and flavor of coconut. This process ensures the premium quality of our oil.

AmazingFoods Corporation is founded with the commitment to provide you with the finest quality virgin coconut oil. Our processing plant is located at the heart of Sta.Maria, Laguna, a coconut-rich town. A year-round harvest from our 22 hectare organic plantation guarantees an abundant supply of fresh coconut. When you purchase our product, you enjoy the amazing benefits of health, beauty and well-being only the best virgin coconut oil can give!




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Certified ORGANIC Virgin Coconut Oil
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Santa Maria 'The Healthy Beauty Soap' featured in US Cosmetics Fashion Website


Cold Processed*
Cold Pressed*         
Absolutely No Heat (ANH), No Cooking* 
Micron Filtration Process*         
Aged 21 Days Minimum*         
100% All-Natural 
No Artificial Flavors
No Cholesterol
No Preservatives       
No Chemicals Added

                              * Oil Processing Temperature is below human body temperature


Virgin Coconut Oil Products


 Virgin Coconut Oil

100% Virgin Coconut Oil
Cold Processed, Cold Pressed,
Absolutely No Heat

Made from hand-picked, mature, fresh, organically grown Philippines coconuts. No artificial Flavoring, No Preservatives, No Hydrogenation, Trans Fat Free, Non Refined, Non Bleached, Non Deodorized Oil.
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VCO Massage Oil
Relaxing Massage Oils

Made from Cold Processed, Cold Pressed, Absolutely No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil, and essential oils.
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 Virgin Coconut Oil soap
Beauty Products
Mild Soap, Pineapple Strawberry Soap, Avocado-Papaya Soap, Aloe Vera Soap, and Virgin Coconut Oil Body Lotion.

Santa Maria® "The Healthy Beauty Soap" is a complete natural soap made from high concentrate Virgin Coconut Oil, rich in natural glycerin and lauric to soften and moisturize skin.
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Our Process

Santa Maria® Virgin Coconut Oil is produced by Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes. Cold Processed and Absolutely No Heat (ANH) processes do not use heat to lower the moisture level of the oil after the coconut meat is pressed. The coconut and oil are kept below human body temperature at all times during manufacture and storage.

Cold processed virgin coconut oil allows the retention of monoglycerides and other natural anti-oxidants such as tocopherol (vitamin E), vitamin A and C which serves as natural preservatives. Heating will destroy these substances leaving only the lauric acid to work alone rather than in conjunction with these micro-nutrients.


Featured Articles from Health Library

Virgin Coconut Oil as a Massage Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Baby Oil.  "Baby Oil can be deadly when swallowed".

There are many ways to produce baby oil, a common method is to make a blend of mineral oils. Mineral oil or liquid petrolatum is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. It is a colorless oil composed of alkanes and cyclic paraffins, related to white petrolatum. Mineral oil is commonly used as a lubricant and a laxative.

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) helps in absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) and vitamin B. It helps in the absorption of minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe). It is easily absorbed by the body ad by the skin, it is food made from coconuts, it is food for the skin and can slow the aging process by keeping the skin healthy.


Health Uses of Virgin Coconut Oil
While virgin coconut oil has been documented to help alleviate, ease, protect against and even cure many ailments, it is still vital that the individual maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, eat a balance diet of the right kind of food, and drink lots of water.

How to Make Your Own Virgin Coconut Oil
Make your own Cold Processed, Cold Pressed, Absolutely No Heat Virgin Coconut Oil.


Latest News

Santa Maria 'The Healthy Beauty Soap' featured in US Cosmetics Fashion Website
Santa Maria® "The Healhty Beauty Soap", a natural soap made from Virgin Coconut Oil was recently featured in

AmazingFoods Corporation wins National Shoppers' Choice Award
Within just a few months of operating, AmazingFoods Corporation, manufacturer of Santa Maria Virgin Coconut Oil, bested more than ten hopefuls for the title of 2005 National Shoppers' Choice for Best Virgin Coconut Oil Manufacturer in Metro Manila.

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AmazingFoods Corporation is a manufacturer of Cold Processed-Absolutely No Heat (ANH) Santa Maria® Virgin Coconut Oil.

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